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Workplace Workstation Assessments

We now offer a complete workstation assessment where we come to your workplace to see how staff work at their desks/stations relating to potential pain or injuries.

We will begin by with a quick questionnaire relating to work and injury history to gather more insight on your worker.
We will then ask them to sit and work at their workstation for a physical assessment to see how they work.
We will use this information and compare it to our checklist to create a report which includes; an action plan, a copy of your report (if requested), as well as a copy of 'Computer Tips/Tricks', and an ACC 'Stretches for the office' poster.

For more information or pricing please email jo@loophs.co.nz or admin@loophs.co.nz

Why Workstation Assessments?

  • Sitting for long periods of time has been associated with obesity, heart disease, and poor circulation. Sitting down for more than 6 hours a day increases risk of death to 40%.

  • When sitting your spine absorbs 150% of its body weight!

  • These are not only for people who work in offices, these can be tailored to suit warehouses, laboratories, schools, factories etc. These are for anyone who has a workstation.

  • Stretching and moving often increases mood, boosts productivity and reduces leave.

  • Incorrectly set up workstations can increase discomfort, pain and management (DPI)- not only in the workplace but outside of work also. 

  • Workstation Assessments also improves overall wellness for your workers.