Our Services

Annual Health Monitoring

We offer the following health monitoring and wellness services;


  • Respiratory screening questionnaire and/or Spirometry (Lung Function) screening

  • Hearing Screening (Audiometry)

  • Whole body vibration questionnaire/hand arm vibration questionnaire, plus a hand/grip strength test

  • Vision Acuity Screening

  • Colour Deficiency using Ishihara plates

  • Musculoskeletal assessment

  • Hep A & Hep B Vaccinations


  • Cardiovascular health

  • Blood pressures

  • Blood glucose screening

  • Hep C Screening

  • Influenza Vaccinations

  • Hydration Testing

  • Ear Health Checks/Ear Wax Removal

Pre-Employment/Fitness to Work & Exit Monitoring

We offer pre-employment AND exit health monitoring to ensure employers and employees have been informed of any potential health issues which could impact how they work. These may include;

  • Questionnaire on; employment history, general health, asbestos exposure, blood pressure, musculoskeletal assessment, hand grip strength, ACC claim history. 

  • Respiratory screening questionnaire and/or lung function screening including; blood pressure, height/weight

  • Hearing screening

  • Visual acuity and colour deficiency screening

  • Alcohol and drug testing available if requested